Gourmet Maine Lobster

Seacoast of MaineCalendar Islands Maine Lobster Company is dedicated to providing our customers with the most delectable, gourmet Maine lobster fare from our island world of tide, salt, and sea. Owned by 38 hard-working Maine lobstermen and experienced gourmets, our company has created an exciting marriage of culinary distinction to the Maine lobster fishery’s more than 100-year history of tradition, quality, and sustainability. Calendar Islands is intimately involved in every step of the production process, ensuring the finest gourmet lobster “catch to table”. From hauling the traps and hand-selecting the highest quality lobsters, to developing traditional and contemporary recipes, our company is committed to creating only the very best for our customers.

With this commitment to quality, Calendar Islands Maine Lobster offers a range of value added products for retail and foodservice. Our goal is to make Maine Lobster readily available year-round in new deliciously innovative presentations. No longer just a seasonal product, our value added Maine Lobster provides our clients an exciting variety of fresh and frozen concepts to energize and motivate their customer base.

Casco Bay fishing for Gourmet Maine LobsterMany of our products are also HPP processed which enables easy removal of the lobster meat from the shell. No mess, no fuss! This procedure also provides the highest level of food safety without affecting the famous flavor of our Maine Lobster.

At Calendar Islands Maine Lobster, we are proud to be part of a generations-old fishing tradition and a bright culinary future. Solid values, and pride in a job well done, are the glue that bonds our company and community together. Our Lobstermen have built their lives around a boat and the lure of the sea, our Chefs relish the opportunity to present the catch in a manner complimentary to the fishermen’s hard work. Rest assured that this same pride and dedication will shine through in each of the products that bare the Calendar Islands brand. Enjoy!