Recipe: Lobster BLT, Maine Style

Chef Wilfred Beriau

Yield: 4 portions

  • Lobster Meat, K & C, fresh, cooked – 1 lb
  • Bacon, apple wood smoked, cooked just enough – 8 strips
  • Tomato, Brandy heirloom or some heirloom – enough
  • Lettuce, bland, enough for a social gesture
  • Chives, finely sliced – 2 T
  • High quality mayo or sandwich spread of your choice
  • Scant, salt and pepper
  • Bread, Innocuous type, but enough to hold up in a Panini grill
  • Sandwich rounds or, Baguette, with some of the middle pulled out.

Roasted Red pepper hummis, would be a good medium to spread on your choice of bread.

  1. Cut the meat slightly, so it will not come out of the sandwich in one bite.
  2. Wash and then slice the tomatoes about ¼ inches thick.
  3. Pare the lettuce if you decide to use lettuce, and then pat dry.
  4. Blot the cooked bacon so it is not greasy; cut each strip in half if using sliced bread.
  5. Spread the bread with the mayo or whatever; lay the bacon down on both sides to prevent the tomato from making the bread soggy.  Sprinkle the chives on at this point.
  6. Finish building the sandwich, close and toast it on a pre-heated sandwich or Panini grill.
  7. Slice in half diagonally when done and serve with coleslaw, chips or a combination of any garnish you like.

I would cook the bacon progressively so it always tastes fresh, and not like it was cooked 3 days earlier.

I am passionate enough (opinionated) in my feelings, that this is a seasonal sandwich, and unless I can get decent tomatoes, would not ruin this with tomatoes that are substandard.  We all know, tomatoes in the winter months are mealy and tastless.