Our Gourmet Food

Maine Lobster CakesOffering the discriminating gourmet food enthusiast new culinary delights, Calendar Islands Maine Lobster Company brings the finest gourmet Maine Lobster entrees directly to your home.Beginning with a unique idea conceived in 2009, a small group of Maine lobstermen from Chebeague Island, Maine envisioned a company devoted to the entire process of creating gourmet lobster meals, from catch to table. Although Lobstermen tend to be very independent and not as collaborative as might be desired, this vision of a single company partnering with “foodies” and controlling every aspect of creating and delivering gourmet Maine Lobster dishes worldwide was so compelling that this group of independent Chebeague Island Lobstermen banded together as a group to make it happen. They joined forces with partners in the exciting and creative Portland food culture.  As a result, Calendar Islands Maine Lobster Company now brings the highest quality product to the plates of those not lucky enough to reside in From Catch to Table - Lobster Fishing coastal Maine where delicious lobster dishes are daily fare. The bold concept of one company managing every step, from battling the elements bringing in the harvest to perfecting age-old Maine lobster recipes to designing the packaging and arranging for the distribution of its gourmet offerings, is a significant evolutionary step in the century-old Maine lobstering industry.

Our growing company of lobstermen and their culinary partners have dedicated enormous time and thought to perfecting our gourmet cuisine. We bring the same devotion to our delicious dishes as we invest in our lobstering, letting nothing deter us from excellence. This commitment to perfection is our defining characteristic, the reason that we can offer the highest-quality Maine lobster cuisine available anywhere. It is also the reason the company has grown from a core group of nine dedicated loberstermen to our present size of 38 committed owners with a fleet of 38 lobster boats and our culinary partners.

Maine Lobster Stew Many of us are from families that have gone to sea for generations to bring back the bounties found beneath the waves. Lobster fishing runs in our veins. We were vastly experienced with and confident in all aspects of the harvest, but were less familiar with the intervening steps that lead to a finished product. In order to bring our dream to fruition, we needed to perfect the fine details of presenting the consumer with the most exquisite Maine lobster cuisine ever produced.

Years of consulting with experts in the processing, production, and distribution of gourmet cuisine, working with world-class chefs, and building a dedicated production crew brought us to where we are today. This is what differentiates us from our competition; our inspired dedication to each step in the production of our entrees ensures the delight of our customers as they savor each bite of flawless Maine lobster cuisine.

From Catch to Table - Lobster Catch Each gourmet entrée begins with only the finest of famous Maine lobsters harvested by our lobstermen from Casco Bay in the Gulf of Maine. We handpick each one for excellence of quality and taste. Once a plentiful and inexpensive seafood eaten primarily by those along the coast, the advent of railroads brought the exquisite taste of lobster to the interior of the country. The growing popularity of this new delicacy put coastal Maine on the culinary map of America.

With the increased demand for lobster, forward-thinking Maine lobstermen saw that harvests would decrease if nothing were done to encourage conservation. Regulations were created to assure the future of the Maine lobster. One of the first sustainably harvested foods, consumers can feel good about eating this all-natural, well-managed, seafood. Long before it became fashionable, the lobstermen of Maine were practicing environmentally friendly harvesting methods that protect the Maine lobster for future generations of culinary connoisseurs. With sustainable harvesting methods, the time-honored Maine lobsterman’s way of life is also preserved for the future.

Maine Lobster Mac & Cheese In addition to the ecologically sound management of this delicious seafood, nutritionally conscious consumers can rest assured that Maine lobster not only tastes divine but also provides a bounty of beneficial nutrients. Maine lobster is one of the healthiest choices of lean, complete protein. The old cholesterol myth about shellfish has now been shown to be just that, a myth. More accurate testing methods confirm that lobster has less fat and calories than skinless chicken breasts and is low in cholesterol. From a life bathed in nutrient-rich northern seawater, lobster is loaded with vitamins and minerals, and it provides heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Maine lobster can be thoroughly enjoyed while knowing that it provides the essential nutrients necessary to maintain a healthy body.

The lobstermen of Calendar Islands Maine Lobster Company grew up eating the deliciously hearty, traditional lobster dishes of the coast. Our goal was to find a chef that could translate these remarkable recipes into ready-to-serve gourmet entrees. Each recipe was fine-tuned to perfection. Our dishes are crafted by selecting the finest of accompanying ingredients to perfectly complement the rich flavor of our superb Maine lobster. Simple to prepare, they go straight from freezer to oven to the dining room table.

From Catch to Table - Our Lobstermen and Celebrity Foodies Inspired by classic Maine recipes, we create delicious traditional fare including creamy Maine lobster bisque with a hint of sherry and the mouthwatering taste of lobster and corn chowder, perfect for a blustery winter day. Each bite of our flavorful, hearty lobster chowder transports you to the rugged, wind-swept coastline of Maine. You can almost imagine sitting snugly in a warm café, savoring a bowl of chowder while watching the fog roll in outside the steamy windows.

Intended as a luxury version of the old-fashioned comfort food, our Maine lobster pot pie features flaky pastry crust filled with delectable Maine lobster, corn, and potato in a smooth, creamy sauce. This steaming meal will warm any chilly evening with its homemade taste.

For a delicious appetizer or main course, our finely crafted Maine lobster cakes offer contemporary sophistication. The twin lobster tails, another elegant entree, delivers the sweet taste of perfect Maine lobster glazed with butter. Whether serving a romantic meal for two or an exclusive dinner party, lobster says the occasion is special.

Maine Lobster Pizza Our unique lobster pizza brings gourmet Maine lobster into the 21st century. Our chefs have combined Old World thin and crispy crust with a white Newberg sauce loaded with lobster and delicious mozzarella cheese. Each bite is a sensual delight.

A commitment to quality spurred Calendar Islands Maine Lobster Company to create an innovative company that takes gourmet entrees from inception to completion. The exceptional combination of sustainably harvested all-natural Maine lobster, the finest of accompanying ingredients, traditional and contemporary recipes crafted by world-class chefs, and the intense dedication of all of our staff produces the most sumptuous entrees available. Discriminating connoisseurs of fine dining and gourmet food will delight in our convenient frozen entrees, fresh from Calendar Islands Casco Bay, Maine.